The scientific program is arranged in 18 parallel streams which reflect a broad spectrum of operations research theory and practice. In line with the conference theme there is an emphasis on optimization models and methods and data heavy application areas.

Each stream consists of sessions. A session is 90 minutes long and contains usually three (rarely four) presentations, so most presentations are 30 minutes long, including (a few minutes) discussion and (very little) changeover time. Each lecture room is equipped with a laptop (PDF viewer; if possible avoid powerpoint) and video projector or flat screen (no overhead projectors, usually no black/white boards) as well as a laser pointer. That is, you usually only need to bring your presentation on a USB key.

Session chairs moderate the session (chairs are indicated in the Opens external link in new windowprogram). They check that all speakers are present and all presentations are installed on the provided laptop before the session starts. Chairs open and close the session, take care that all speakers abide to the allotted time frame, and moderate the discussion. In case of no shows or last minute cancelations, the time slot is left empty, so that all presentations start as indicated in the Opens external link in new windowprogram.


We are very proud of our distinguished plenary and semiplenary speakers.

The detailed conference schedule is Opens external link in new windowonline and can be found in the book of abstracts. We have made some suggestions for the talks you might like in the Opens external link in new window"my program" feature. The conference app is available for Opens external link in new windowAndroid and iOS.


The conference overview is as follows.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

14.30 Pre-conference workshops
18.00 Get together
22.00 end


Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (Business Day)

 9.00 Opening session WA (incl. plenary talk by Mike Trick)
10.30 Break
10.50 Sessions WB
12.20 Lunch
13.10 Sessions WC
14.40 Break
15.00 Semiplenaries WD
15.45 Break
16.05 Sessions WE (incl. Opens external link in new windowGOR Master Prize winners)
17.35 Break
17.45 Business Panel
19.30 Aachen Reception


Thursday, September 4, 2014

 8.15 Sessions TA
 9.45 Break
10.15 Semiplenaries TB
11.00 Break
11.25 Sessions TC
12.55 Lunch
13.45 Semiplenaries TD
14.30 Break
15.00 Sessions TE (incl. Opens external link in new windowGOR Dissertation Prize winners)
16.30 Break
16.45 GOR members convention (Opens external link in new windowinvitation)
19.30 Conference Dinner
22.30 After Dinner Party


Friday, September 5, 2014

 8.15 Sessions FA
 9.45 Break
10.10 Semiplenaries FB
10.55 Break
11.20 Sessions FC
12.50 Break
13.00 Closing ceremony FD (incl. plenary talk by Brenda Dietrich)
14.15 Lunch