Business Panel: Analytics - Hype or here to stay?

A panel discussion is scheduled at the end of Wednesday (17.45-18.45, room: Aula). We welcome representatives from companies, academia, software vendors and consultants to discuss a controversal topic: the "analytics hype."

The panel will be moderated by Opens external link in new windowJohn Poppelaars (Director Business Analytics, ORTEC).


John Poppelaars is Director of Business Analytics for the ORTEC Consulting Group, a business division of ORTEC, one of the world's largest independent providers of Advanced Planning Solutions and Operations Research consulting services. John is a specialist in the field of optimisation, advanced analytics and risk analysis and a passionate proponent of analytics as a key business enabler. Throughout his 24 year career, he has applied the business maxim of 'improving decision-making quality' to numerous projects across a myriad of industries in order to support clients to optimize their businesses with the very latest optimisation techniques. John was awarded the 2012 Franz Edelman Award for his work with TNT Express to develop and enhance TNT Express' analytical capabilities.


Josef Kallrath
Scientific Computing Group, BASF
Head, Opens external link in new windowGOR working group "real-world optimization"


Josef Kallrath obtained his PhD in astrophysics from Bonn
University (Germany) in 1989. He is with BASF's Scientific Computing Group at BASF in Ludwigshafen (Germany), is professor at the University of Gainesville, FL, and solves real-world problems in industry using a broad spectrum of methods in scientific computing, from modeling physical systems to supporting decision processes by mathematical optimization. He has  written review articles on the subject, about 100 research papers in astronomy and applied mathematics and OR, and several books on mixed integer optimization, as well as one on eclipsing binary stars.

He leads the Real World Optimization Working Group of the German Operations Research Society. His current research interests are polylithic modeling and solution approaches to solve large-scale or difficult optimization problems, for instance, by decomposition techniques such as column generation, or hybrid methods.

Gertjan de Lange
SVP Business Analytics, AIMMS


Gertjan de Lange is a member of the leadership team of AIMMS. Gertjan has been with AIMMS since 1995 and worked with many different customers and partners in different roles to enable the successful use of the AIMMS optimization technology. After being in charge of sales for almost 15 years, Gertjan recently took the role of SVP Business Analytics at AIMMS. This new role is created to promote the use of analytics, and specifically the use of optimization to potential users and research analysts in and outside the typical Operations Research community. Gertjan is and has been responsible for the overall product strategy since 2010 to assure the boundaries of AIMMS are pushed and the user experience is enhanced with every release.

Gertjan holds a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics (OR) of University of Twente. Gertjan worked for AIMMS in the US from 2006-2009 and currently resides in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Ingmar Steinzen
CEO, Orconomy


Ingmar Steinzen is Managing Director at ORCONOMY GmbH - an innovative solution provider for high-quality custom application using optimization. Prior to joining ORCONOMY, Dr. Steinzen worked as Analytic Specialist for McKinsey & Company. He received his PhD in Operations Research from Paderborn University, Germany. His main fields of expertise include supply chain optimization, scheduling, production planning and vehicle routing.

Hans-Georg Zimmermann
Senior Principal Research Scientist, Siemens


Senior Principal Research Scientist within Siemens Corporate Technology. Study of mathematics, computer science and operations research in Bonn, diploma 1982 in mathematics. Research in applications of control theory in economics at the University of Bonn until 1987, PhD 1987 in economics. Since 1987 at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology department. Research in circuit simulation, since 1988 in neural networks. Since 1990 leader of the project group 'Neural networks for forecasting and diagnosis'. Head of the SENN development (Simulation Environment for Neural Networks). Advisor of the US National Science Foundation and Associated Research Fellow of the University of Cape Town, SA. Scientific Advisor of the German Society of Operations Research (GOR).